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World blames Biden for Nordstream II pipeline explosion. Germany and America to send tanks to Ukraine. Ukrainian press gangs round up boys as young as 16 to go fight the Russians. Chinese balloon covers American continent before being shot down over the ocean. Death rates clime as high as 40% in some countries, media sais nothing.

Welcome to the Official Page of the Freedom Guard!

This page has been started as a result of the Government control and influence during the Covid Lockdowns, the fallout of the elections in America and the ever increasing threat of eco-marxism, political correctness, identity politics and mass censorship of conservative, Christian and Traditional Western values.

With the free world slipping back into authoritarianism we feel we must educate ourselves and take responsibility for the past as much as possible.

We do not encourage Nazism, but we must all take collective responsibility for what happened in Germany during the twentieth century.

President Donald Trump Assination Attempt

Aleksandr Dugin

Aleksandr Dugin The assassination attempt on Trump was quite predictable. There is no doubt that everything is organized by the globalists with the backing of the part of the Deep State that supports them. The only way to keep the mad grandfather in power is to kill Trump, who otherwise would almost certainly win under the circumstances. The shooter was eliminated just after finishing his shoots by a secret service sniper to make ends meet. Essentially, there was an attempted coup d'état in the US.

The head of the Ukrainian GUR, Budanov openly admits that Ukrainians have repeatedly attempted to carry out terrorist attacks against Putin. In Slovakia, an attempt was made to remove Prime Minister Robert Fico, who opposes support for the Nazi junta in Kiev. Now there has been an assassination attempt on Donald Trump, who, by the way, is highly critical of Zelensky and his regime. This is the true face of hegemony and unipolar world: anyone who is against globalism, who stands in its way, is subject first to demonization (through the tools of cancel culture), then to physical elimination. And murderers and terrorists, criminals and creators of genocide, who serve globalists, are presented in the role of “freedom fighters” and "innocent victims". Kiev propaganda will surely claim that "Trump shot himself in the ear", and something in this vein will be hinted at by the globalist media, where everything is built on cynical, thuggish lies.

There is no doubt that the responsibility for the attempted assassination of Trump, the leader of the US presidential race, lies with the faction of Obama, Blinken, Hillary Clinton and the senile Biden, who has already warned that "freedom is above democracy", which means that democracy and its laws are henceforth suspended. In the name of "freedom" (to rule and continue to rule) one can kill. Liberalism is finally becoming totalitarian with all its characteristic features, up to and including the direct killing of undesirable politicians. The architecture of power in the world is radically changing from the Western unipolarity to multipolarity. Trump represents the situation where US can be one of the poles - albeit the strongest and most powerful - of a multipolar world. The globalists don't care about the US as much as they care about anyone else. What they need is planetary power, the absolute power of supranational capital. And all countries, including America and Europe, are only tools in the creation of the World Government.

Trump is for America and against World Government. Just as Putin is for Russia, Xi Jinping is for China, Modi is for India, and Orban, Fico, Marine Le Pen and the AfD are for Europe. The multipolar world is a system of sovereignties, while the globalists want sole planetary power, which fell into their hands with the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the end of the USSR, which is now slipping away from them and to which they are frantically clinging. The globalists have finally turned to direct terror tactics. This is a fact, not just a series of coincidences. It is time to strike back at the globalist network.

Tucker Carlson told me in Moscow that Trump seriously fears assassination by the globalists. Turns out, not for nothing. The more senile Joe sinks into dementia, the more likely it is that Trump will be assassinated. They already have tried. Some people are dead, some are injured. God save America and all of humanity from the criminal gang of liberals and globalists. If we don't stop them now, they will destroy us all.

I am convinced that Trump was attempted to be killed by strictly the same people and forces that are killing us - Russian people, Russian warriors, Russian children and Russian women. It's one unified terrorist globalist left-liberal continuum. And if these bastards kill someone, the victims are on the right side. Someone immediately noticed the uncanny physiognomic and stylistic resemblance between Crooks and theRussian liberal terrorist Trepova, killersof Vladlen Tatarsky . Who killed Fico, who killed Trump, who killed us - one person, one network, it is a single node where Ukrainian Nazism is inextricably linked to liberalism and cultural Marxism - to the LGBT community, to Schwab, Zuckerberg, Harari, Kurzweil and to the American Deep State. It's no coincidence that Crooks' social media is full of pro-Ukrainian propaganda. It's a united front of the world's murderers. And if that bastard has tried to kill Trump, then Trumps is on the right side. And anyone who tries to relativize this is knowingly or unknowingly playing along with the Democrat killers.

We care about who is right and who is the enemy in either country. We shouldn't be indifferent. We know Biden by deeds, by crimes, by rivers of blood, and only a Russian with an atrophied conscience or without reason can not wish this old bastard a speedy death and/or a shameful failure in the elections. And Trump on the contrary evokes only sympathy. How brilliantly he is hanging on. One millimeter away from death.

-Aleksandr Dugin

"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." -Voltaire

W.E.F Induced Famine, Dutch Farmers Resist

Dr. John Campbell

Waining vaccine efficacy, side effects and deaths among the fully vaccinated.

Ukrainian Missile Hits Poland, Zelenksy Blames Russia

Zelesnky Lied Zelesnky claims Russian Missile hit Poland. AP ('The Associated Press') has fired a reporter behind false report claiming ‘Russian Missiles Struck Poland’. The Pentagon finally admitted that the missile “strike” into Poland by Russia was actually a stray Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile, but still insisted that the incident was “ultimately the fault of Russia.”

Thousands Gather in Nuremberg

“Unless All of Us Resist, Never Again is Now” -Vera Sharav

"In 2020, government dictates forbade hospitals from treating the elderly in nursing homes. The result was mass murder. Government decrees continue to forbid doctors to prescribe life-saving, FDA approved medicines; government-dictated protocols continue to kill." -Vera Sharav

On August 20, a compelling line-up of international speakers traveled to Nuremberg to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of The Nuremberg Code. Now of all times, in its jubilee year, this achievement of mankind is facing the greatest hardship since it was written. WATCH the historical event REPLAY here (from Monday 22th August). Speakers include CHD President Mary Holland, Holocaust Survivor & Public Advocate for Human Rights Vera Sharav, CHD Africa Executive Director Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Martin Michealis, Steffi Bresnik, Rolf Kron + more.

Aerial Footage of Nordstream Pipeline Gas Leak

CDC Approve Experimental Vaccines to Under 5 Year Olds

Despite overwhelming evidence COVID-19 poses virtually no risk to children and young people, advocates for the injection insist the 18 million children in the 6-month to 5-year-old age group must take the shot for their own safety. “This is an opportunity which one doesn’t get very often to participate in preventing the death of children, of young children,” said panel member Beth Bell, a global health professor at the University of Washington. “Any death of course is a tragedy. The death of a young child is an incredible tragedy. We know that this disease is killing children.” This comes on the heels of the Food and Drug Administration on Friday authorizing the COVID-19 jab for children 5 and under.

Ukrainian Shell Hits Maturnity Ward

Maturnity Hospital Source="" Following intense Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk on June 13, some Western media sources, in tandem with outlets in Kiev, unsurprisingly claimed that the attack – which killed at least five civilians and struck a busy maternity hospital – was perpetrated by Russian forces. Why Moscow would launch rockets at its own allies wasn't explained, nor would it make much sense. The Donetsk People’s Republic's foreign ministry reported: “Such an unprecedented. in terms of power, density and duration of fire, raid on the DPR capital was not recorded during the entire period of the armed conflict [since 2014]. In two hours, almost 300 MLRS rockets and artillery shells were fired.”

Russia Has Iniated Rebellion Against N.W.O

Mother Russia There is more to this war than just Putin and Russian aggression, simply invading an innocent state. The 'Minsk Agreement' was signed by even some Western countries as early as 2014. Crimea was to be certified Russian territory (Crimea is home to Russia's Black Sea Fleet's naval base). Luhansk and Donestk were to have special autonomy within the Ukrainian state. However genocide by the Ukrainian 'Azov Batallion' caused those provinces to seek assistance from Russia.

Mexico condemns Western policy on Ukraine

Mexican President Funneling weapons into an active warzone is ‘immoral,’ Mexico's president said. “How easy it is to say: ‘There I send so much money for weapons, I provide the weapons and you provide the dead.’ It is immoral,” he said, adding “Couldn’t the war in Ukraine have been avoided? Of course. The policy failed and look at the damage it causes, the loss of human lives.”

The president did not elaborate on how the hostilities could have been averted, but went on to say that “the same policy must no longer continue,” claiming it is driven by “elites” and not “the people.”

Though Mexico has stated that it does not support Russia’s attack on its neighbor, it has refused to join a Western sanctions spree targeting the Russian economy and has refrained from weapons transfers to the government in Kiev. Obrador, meanwhile, declared last month that his country seeks to “remain neutral” toward the conflict, notwithstanding pressure from Washington, whose envoy Ken Salazar previously urged Mexican officials to “be in solidarity with Ukraine.”

NATO is continuing its efforts to arm Ukraine, with alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg saying this week that Kiev should receive additional heavy weapons. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who hosted a meeting between Stoltenberg and six other NATO members on Tuesday, backed that stance, insisting “it is crucial for Russia to lose the war” and that the US-led military bloc should “stand united” behind Ukraine.

Western Media Ignores Nazism/Genocide in Ukraine

Mother Russia With Western media preparing it's citizens to go kill Russian's on their own door step. Lying about the causes of the war, ignoring Russia's vocal warnings of it's security concerns. Russia has been put in a situation where it has given' all necessary warnings and has acted like anyone else would have done. With the list of countries utterly destroyed by NATO grows, they ignore these facts and instead insist on sanctions, promoting anti-Russian sentiment on an international level and have armed neo-nazis and teenagers with state of the art weaponry. These are not actions of peacekeepers, but war mongers. The anglo-Saxon banking dynasty has been manipulating the world stage for hundreds of years, this evil must be exposed and brought to an end.

Sergey Lavrov Takes Aim at West

Sergey Lavrov Russian minister for foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov has dropped another humorous one liner jab towards his Western counter parts by insisting "Russia is open for negotiations, but it takes two to tango, and West is busy breakdancing on it's own" the minster said.

Victor Orban Defies Ukraine and Zelenksy

Victor Orban Victor Orban of Hungary has chosen to feed his people instead of sending thousands of dollars worth of military equipment to Ukraine. The weapons would most likely be destroyed upon arrival by Russia's overwhelming air superiority.
In a heated exchange leaders of Hungary and Ukraine both accused each other of being mentally ill. Hungarian ministers commented how a country asking for help should never start hostilities towards the countries it is trying to recieve help from.

Polish citizens told to gather firewood to keep warm, Ukraine must recieve heavy weapons.

Russia Celebrates Victory Day 2022!

Russia is celebrating it's 77th anniversary of it's defeat of Nazi Germany.

We stand with and respect Russia for it's role in the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology Censored!

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology which is being used in the Corona Virus vaccines has had his social media platforms taken down for exposing the risks associated with the new experimental vaccines. The experimental vaccines are being mandated across the world, even to children as young as 5. Dr. Malone gives evidence the vaccines are harming children and adults. Certain groups of people will easily overcome the virus but may be irreversibly damaged by the vaccines.

Fauci Gaslighting the Global Population Who Dare Question Him

Fauci has said anyone who questions him is atacking science itself. He denied funding the Wuhan lab, he denied the extremely risky research he was conducting there, and he's denied that has had anything to do with the pandemic which started in the same city with the same type of viruses they have been enhancing inside the Wuhan Lab of Virology.

A Look Inside the Freedom Guard Control Centre

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Highly distinguished interllectuals have been trying to warn citizens of the West the reason we're only being taught about the atrocities of the Nazis and not the Communists is because they suspect Karl Marx still has a fair share of fans in the West.

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German military firing one of the 12.8cm Flak 40 anti-aircraft guns on top of one of the Flak Towers in Berlin. For 16 days the Germans held off the Russian advance. The three flak towers provided a defensive triangle which proved effective during the Battle of Berlin. The guns could also be aimed at the ground for long distance tank hunting.

The Battle of Berlin lasted 16 days as the few remaining forces of the German army and supporters/civilians had fled from the Red Soviet Army back to the last bastion of the Third Reich. Hitler had ordered the construction of Three massive towers called 'Flakturm' in German to defend the city from the Americans, British, Canadian and Russian forces.